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We are quickly becoming a leading source of quality emergency light bars, light bar parts and equipment for Police, Fire, Security, Towing and Rigging services world-wide. TL's offers new, used and refurbished items from manufacturers like Whelen ®, Code-3, Federal Signal, SHO-ME and others. Contact us with your custom build-to-orders and special requests.

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NEW products that are available for order from Whelen ®. Some products may take from 2-4 weeks for shipment depending on colors,options and availability from the factory stock. We can not tell when you place the order exactly how long it will take before shipment. But rest assurred that you will recieve a product thats made in America, by American's and bare's the name of the #1 leader in emergency lighting,

Whelen ®!

In addition to the inventory change we will be marking down many of the used products that we have  in stock especially parts from makers like Federal Signal and Code3. Also we are going to have available some items that will be sold in bulk for anyone who like's to build light bars on a regular basis...

As some of you may know we sell on ebay. We are trying to get away from that due to excessively high fees. You may notice that pricing on this website is lower than our ebay auctions. If you buy direct on our site, we save on fees, and we can pass that savings on to you. The same is also true with shipping. Due to the exclusive use of our FEDEX discounts and USPS rates, we can usually save you money.

WE SHIP WORLD-WIDE. Contact us for international shipping quotes!

We have great rates for sea container shipping!

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we are proud to use only Whelen ® OEM replacement parts!

Manufactured in the USA!